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Customise, Change And Target Content For Your Visitors And Users Target Content For Each And Every Visitor Or User On Your WordPress Website It’s just a much nicer experience for your visitors and users, who get relevant, targeted, changing content shown to them. Get Your Copy Today How You Can Target Content To Benefit Personalise every visitor’s experience to your website. Offer incentives based on site visits. Track visits, consecutive visits and more! Recognise where they came from (welcome from Google!). Give users incentives to return to your site to get rewards. Show content if they are from Adverts and Referrals. Give visitors [...]

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Are You Overlooking the Security of Your WordPress Website?

Most of the users overlook the security of their WordPress website because there is a myth that it is one of the most secured CMS platforms. But the truth is that there is not a powerful way to completely protect a site or blog from hackers, spammers, and other security threats. A professional hacker will certainly find his/her way to get into your site, without your permission. So, it’s up to you whether you want to ignore your site’s security or want to give tough competition to hacker when he is trying to hack your site. Fortunately, there are a [...]

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Sorry for the Inconvenience

We had to do some major work on our websites so instead of seeing code all over the screen we went in maintenance for a couple of hours. All done and the update should be out by the 6th of May Best Regards, WPS PRO Team

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The importance of ramping up and testing your message first

The temptation, with your incredible offering, your ultimate product or service, is to dive into something like Facebook Ads and spend, spend, spend. Expecting to retire on your own island, with a private yacht and far too many pina coladas for one person to consume. And it doesn’t happen. And you’ve spent a fortune. So how can you avoid this “oh so easy” way to waste a ton of advertising cash? You have to use what I refer to as the “Craft, Test, Scale” process. Crafting Before you spend any money looking to attract millions of customers, go back to [...]

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Example of Profile Page Template

Purpose Profile page template including profile extensions, etc., as used on www.wpsymposiumpro.com. You will need to modify to match your own site, maybe removing items, or changing slugs. This is an example only. You can also read a much more in-depth look at the Profile Page, including a step-by-step guide on creating your own. Remember, if copying and pasting from this website, you should paste into your WordPress editor in “Text” mode, to ensure that formatting is not changed. Check after pasting! Screenshot This is what it typically looks like (click the image to “zoom in”). On mobile devices, the content down the side will [...]

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We are currently working on a fix on our main site as appears we had a WordPress hacker there  no data of yous was breached

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Robert is in Hospital

Happy Valentine's Day!   Robert is Coming Home Late this afternoon. He will be back out the helm :) Thank You all for your Patience.   Robert is still in hospital at this time. He is doing good. He is getting stronger. The lung tube no longer has suction on it. It is draining and what is called Water Sealing. Possible the tube will come out in the next 48 hours. His spirits are good. Now that he is getting stronger; he is itching to get out of the hospital. Back to WP & all of you. He will be having a [...]

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Get your Copy Of WPS PRO Lifetime License Today

Get your Copy Of WPS PRO Lifetime License Today [icegram messages="128936"] Get Your Own Supercharged Social Community… With The #1 WordPress Social Network Plugin! Boost Your Website With Steroids – your members will love it! Great Forums with Security, Images, Video and more! Profiles With Activity – Friends, Groups, YouTube… Subscriptions, Facebook Connect – an endless list! A WordPress Social Network Plugin - Works With Every Theme Real Support People Who Answer! Powered by the free WP Symposium Pro Core Plugin Extensions Plugin (The Following are for the Extension Plugin Only) Customize Email alerts Login/Redirect, add [...]

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