This could happen to us all!

Holy f***! Followed by multiple uses of the F word, and other curse words, most of them short and generally-not-to-be-used.

We left early this morning to get a ferry from the UK to France, ahead of a long drive to the French Alps.

Stopping off for a bacon roll and petrol, I needed to get some sunglasses from the back of the car. And check the passports were there (my borderline OCD had crept in).

Now, the back of the car had a little more than half of B&Q in it (hardware store-ish for those not in the UK).

So I dug around, found the passports, and put them on the back bumper while I got the sunglasses and put everything back.

You know what’s coming…

I closed the boot, filled up petrol, and headed off down the M25.

5 minutes later…. Passports! Fuck!

This is where the expletives started. And a cold sweat. And panic.

In a split second I worked out that lost passports meant:

a) total hassle
b) no trip abroad
c) a test of our relationship!

We started to double back (there is never anywhere to pull over when you need it).

Visions of two passports lying somewhere on the motorway floating in front of my eyes, which by now were cartoon-like, out on stalks.

We phoned the petrol station and begged the staff to look around!

Eventually, a side road of sorts allowed us to stop, and before the engine had switched off, leap to the back of the car.

The passports were there, jammed behind the boot door.

No need to explain how I felt!

The point of this? That I have got my head so focused on work, that I’m forgetting “life” things…

This hasn’t been the first oopsy.

I’m going away for a week and a bit.

I will stay in touch with all things, as I thoroughly enjoy what I do.

But I’m going to re-center (I think that’s what they call it).

Let a bit of life back in my head, and give myself permission to switch off a bit.

It’s been a brilliant 3 months with Traffic and Sales. A stream of new customers, of new projects, and new ideas. Meeting incredible new people.

A note to self.

It’s time to balance things out again, to take stock, and come back as eager as an eager beaver.

With some much-needed space in that hypercharged head of yours!!!