Dear all,

I have to, unfortunately, spend some time in hospital from July 9th to (for 8th 14 days) July 24th.

I’ll spare you the details, but I will have to spend that time in the hospital, and the times when I can offer support will vary day by day.

I will do my best to keep in touch with you, but if the Doctors insist, at times I may have to be “away from keyboard”.

I hope that you can bear with me, and the repair job that I will be going through!

During that period, please use the following for support, and ideally stick to priority requests.

Still in hospital and probably not going home till mid-week.

I appreciate your patience during this time.

**This is Robert’s wife adding to the blog with update.*

Have a Wonderful Friday & Weekend!


Support Options

We pride ourselves on our support, we like to think it’s what makes us different to other similar plugins. Here’s how you can get support.


For those who have purchased a license for the extensions plugin, log a helpdesk ticket for priority support.  Helpdesk support is answered asap!


Forums are primarily for community support ( Response for the support team can take up to 48 hours),  and lower priority than the helpdesk, the forums are an ideal place to post your question. There are two community forums, one for the Core plugin, and one for the Extensions plugin.

Admin Guide / Codex

Again, thank you for your help. I’ll see you on my successful return!

Best wishes,