The importance of ramping up and testing your message first

The temptation, with your incredible offering, your ultimate product or service, is to dive into something like Facebook Ads and spend, spend, spend.

Expecting to retire on your own island, with a private yacht and far too many pina coladas for one person to consume.

And it doesn’t happen. And you’ve spent a fortune. So how can you avoid this “oh so easy” way to waste a ton of advertising cash?

You have to use what I refer to as the “Craft, Test, Scale” process.


Before you spend any money looking to attract millions of customers, go back to understanding your target audience.

It’s a theme throughout this book. You must (must!) know your target audience better than yourself.

So you can craft your message. Your promise. Your offer.

And then test with a small number of people. I’m talking about less than 20. Seek out and test your perfect message. Which might turn out to be not so perfect, if the conversion rate is poor.

But now you have the opportunity to ask this small number of people, who you are engaging with personally, why they didn’t take the offer.

  • Did they understand it?
  • Was it relevant to them?
  • Did if solve a problem?
  • Did the message resonate with them?
  • Was the price point too high (or too low)?
  • Was the benefit clear?
  • Was their sufficient value?
  • And so on.

Because when you know the answers, you can review your message and change it. Improve it. Make it better.

And try again, with a small number. Ask the previous group if it’s any better.

You keep in this crafting loop until you get conversions. Probably not 100%, but high enough to give you confidence in your message.


Now that you are confident in your message, you will already have saved some money. You may have got it spot on first time, in which case, awesome! But if not, you went through a critical learning phase.

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