Robert is in Hospital

Happy Valentine’s Day!   Robert is Coming Home Late this afternoon. He will be back out the helm 🙂

Thank You all for your Patience.


Robert is still in hospital at this time. He is doing good. He is getting stronger. The lung tube no longer has suction on it. It is draining and what is called Water Sealing. Possible the tube will come out in the next 48 hours. His spirits are good. Now that he is getting stronger; he is itching to get out of the hospital. Back to WP & all of you.

He will be having a biopsy sometime within the next 48 hours. This is a simple needle biopsy. Doctors are optimistic, depending on results from the biopsy he could come home by end of the week.

Thank You for your patience.

Di on behalf of Robert

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This is Robert’s Wife, Di. Robert had surgery Feb 6th.  Most know he is battling Cancer & doing it like a Champ. He has had an issue which started back in Dec. Tests, Scans at end of Jan. Showed an issue which is why surgery Feb. 6th. He is doing good *a lot better than was anticipated!*  He should be able to have his laptop providing; he keeps progressing well; Wed. Feb 13th. He is not alert much but, a bit more today. I will go over the questions, etc. Will provide you with the info as I get it.

Much Appreciate your Patient & Prayers

Have a Wonderful Weekend.

Di on behalf of Robert

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This is Robert’s wife; Di. Robert was admitted to the hospital on Dec. 4th. He is still in the hospital without a computer or phone at this time.

He has been undergoing Chemo. The latest test showed a mass. It is thought to be Cancer. This is NOT CERTAIN until a Biopsy is done. Drs. hope to be able to do the Biopsy as soon as Monday, Dec 10th; however, it could be done as late as Thursday, Dec 14th. There are other issues as well which seem to change daily. Until something is Confirmed, I do not feel the need to post any of that.

I am trying to answer messages, emails between the hours I am at the hospital. So please be patient when needing a reply.

Hope all have a Good Weekend.

Thank You,

Di on behalf of Robert

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  1. I came home just rather Slow right now seeing that I have to learn to breathe all over again. Thanks to all that were concerned and helped the wife while I was away.

    Happy Holidays to one and all..

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