We got asked if WP Symposium Pro can upload MP3 or MP4 files on activity posts. You couldn’t – but you can now!

You don’t need to configure anything, there are no new options.

This change will be included in the next release, but you can download the development version from https://wpsymposiumpro.com/my-account/downloads.

To install, DO NOT upload the ZIP file via WordPress, because this is a development version.

Instead, download the “Development Build” from the link above and extract the ZIP file. You will have two folders “wp-symposium-pro” and “wp-symposium-pro-extensions”.

Use FTP to upload, and over-write, the existing folders of the same name (these are the WP Symposium Pro plugins).

And remember, this is a development version, so we have to say “use at your own risk”! Although it’s running on www.wpsymposiumpro.com right now.

P.S. We’ve set up a WP Symposium pro Facebook Group – come join and chat with us about how we can make WP Symposium Pro better for you!

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