The core plugin will always be free, and will provide you with profile pages, activity, unlimited forums, custom avatars and so on. Read all about the core plugin on the WPS Pro Codex, or download for your website.

Get WP Symposium Pro Extensions Plugin!

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That’s it really – simple price for an amazing plugin that will transform your website.

The Extensions plugin is an optional set of extensive features, which you can read all about on the WPS Pro Codex, including (just a small sample), activity attachments and videos, member profiles, forum WYSIWYG editor, groups, private messages, galleries and much more!

What is the Refund Policy?

We offer a refund up to 7 days from your date of purchase. Beyond 7 days, we are sorry, but we do not offer refunds. Of course, if there is a bug found on your site, we will work with you and release a fix as soon as possible (usually within 5 days).

How do I get support?

We offer free support through the community forums, but this is low in priority against the Helpdesk, that members are paying for. I hope you’ll agree, this is only fair.

What is the Priority Helpdesk?

The helpdesk is our way of providing support to users of WP Symposium Pro. It is only available to members who have purchased the Extensions Plugin, for 30 days – or those that have purchased a helpdesk subscription.

Enterprise licence holders have VIP helpdesk forever.

What if I’m buying on behalf of a customer?

If you are setting up an installation for a customer, no problem, so long as you abide by the license rules, for example, an Ultimate license can only be used on a single installation.


Multi-site refers to one WordPress Multisite installation.
Unlimited installations cover those that you own, cannot be transferred to other people/companies.
Enterprise also applicable if you are a company/ organization with turnover/budget of $30,000+ and using WP Symposium Pro as either an external website service or using with 30 or more users.