Automatically Subscribe in Forum Managment

Automatically Subscribe in Forum Managment

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I want to automatically subscribe every user to a particular forum and not give them the ability to unsubscribe – BUT only one forum, not all forums – is that possible? If not, is there a way to manually make sure every user is subscribed to a particular forum, and remove their ability to unsubscribe from that forum?

in the admin screen, to WPS PRO> Setup> there you will see a few listed under the forums list is Manage All Forums click on the forums you want to do this too and there are 2 options for you the one you want is Email all members that one they cannot opt out of.   Pic attached for that:

You have to be careful with this there are 2 options one where they can opt-out and one they cannot opt-out, you are dealing with Privacy issues here, so again BE CAREFUL.