Managed WordPress Servers

Managed WordPress Servers

This particular issue concerned a managed WordPress server at 1and 1 Hosting.

Take a look at your System health under tools,  you are getting errors on your pages. FIrst this is your updating your PHP version to 7.2  that will help with most of the issues.  the following is from your Tool is WP Admin System Health

Site Health Status

The site health check shows critical information about your WordPress configuration and items that require your attention.

2 Critical issues

The way the member fixed it was:

I could not change the PHP version, but in investigating this I found that there was a problem with the WordPress database.

Fortunately, I had a full local backup of the site (using UpDraft plugin) so I deleted the site completely and reloaded it. Still the same problems. Then I deleted it again and in 1&1IONOS selected Standard WordPress (rather than ‘Managed’) set the PHP to the latest version, reloaded the site from the backup and now IT ALL WORK FINE!

So it seems to me that you can’t use Symposium Pro with “1&1IONOS Managed WordPress”. Just letting you know in case anyone else has similar problems.

I’m happy now.

The issues were not really the server:

But the inability to find the correct place to change the settings for the PHP.  BEing managed it is some times harder to find the area where to can actually go in and change them.  It took some searching but I was able to find the area where changes could be made with all the settings for the server necessary for users to set thing right.  LIke PHP versions email database ETC.

This scenario is for a managed server at 1and 1 hosting a managed server,   the setting can be found on it here contract number)

Hope this helps in some way,


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