I’ve only gone and done it! I’ve put everything you want in a course as discussed earlier!

Check out the full list below, I’ve covered just about everything you need to create Power Funnels.

I’ve been told it’s worth everything from £99 to £699 so I’m going to do a special launch price at the lowest!

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Are you ready for the long list of all the videos (61!), 9 exercises and real examples? Well here goes!

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🚀 1. Knowing who you are selling to, what, and why

a. Video: Why you need to know your perfect customer and how to focus on them
b. Video: Discover who your “perfect customer” is and how to use them?
c. Video: Focusing on what they want by understanding their desires
d. Video: Solving their problem with a key benefit
e. Video: Why people buy what they want, not need
f. Video: The 3 tactics to selling and the psychology of buying
g. Video: Real life examples
h. Exercise: Create your perfect customer

🚀 2. Yours sales value ladder and how it is the blueprint for your business

a. Video: What is a sales value ladder?
b. Video: Applying the sales value ladder as a blueprint for your business
c. Video: Exercise: Draft your sales value ladder
c. Video: The free offer (lead magnets – what, why and how)
d. Video: The power of trip wires and one time offers
e. Video: Up-selling your sales value ladder
g. Video: The inner circle and your high value customers
h. Real life examples
i. Exercise: Re-visit and complete your sales value ladder

🚀 3. How the sales funnel works from A to Z (and building yours)

a. Video: Sale value ladder versus sales funnel
b. Video: The difference between a sales funnel and a “website”
c. Video: Mapping your sales value ladder to a sales funnel
d. Video: Entry points to your sales funnel and how to engage with them
e. Video: If they are clicking, keep offering – if they are buying, keep selling
f. Video: The Pay For Itself Funnel
g. Video: The Free + Shipping Funnel
h. Video: Sales Funnels
i. Video: Opt-in Funnels
j. Video: Webinar Funnels
k. Video: Course and Membership Funnels
l. Video: Launch Funnels
m. Exercise: Write out your sales funnel (one or more)
n. Offer: Create your funnels now for Free (and get templates)

🚀 4. Hunting customers and getting their attention

a. Video: Understanding the 4 types of customers
b. Video: The 5 stages of customer awareness
c. Video: Elephants to fleas – targeting different customer types
d. Video: Getting in front of your potential customers (prospects)
e. Video: Getting their attention (the “A” and “I” of AIDA)
f. Video: Real life examples
g. Exercise: Map out your elephants to fleas
h. Exercise: How will you get their attention with what you’ve learned?

🚀 5. Turning attention into action (buying, opting in, signing up, etc)

a. Video: Can you build desire? Mass desire versus personal desire.
b. Video: How to make prospects take a decision (the “D” of AIDA)
c. Video: Turning a decision into a purchase, opt-in or signup
d. Video: The Sales letter page and the Video sales letter page
e. Video: Call to Action – how to get a prospect to act (CTA)
f. Video: Key components of a landing page (sales page, etc)
g. Video: Why your headline is 90% of your job
h. Video: Split testing
i. Video: Real life examples
j. Exercise: Create a sales letter page

🚀 6. Retaining customers

a. Video: LifeTime Value (LTV) – why it’s critical and calculating it
b. Video: How LTV applies to what your charge and spend on marketing
c. Video: Retention tactics
d. Video: Email automation (and GDPR considerations)
e. Video: How to offer support without it costing you too much time and money
f. Video: Value added services and why you must “keep giving”
g. Video: Up-selling to customers the right way
h. Video: Real life examples
i. Exercise: Calculate your LTV and your marketing budget

🚀 7. Turning customers to advocates and getting them to sell for you

a. Video: Customers as advocates
b. Video: Giving them a reason to help you sell for free
c. Video: Affiliate and referral schemes
d. Video: The types of rewards you can offer
e. Video: Real life examples
f. Exercise: Create your referral scheme for your affiliates

🚀 8. Bonuses!

a. Video: Ramping up and testing your marketing message first to save money
b. Video: Social Media Marketing
c. Video: Content Marketing
d. Video: Influencer Marketing
e. Video: Search Engine Optimisation
f. Video: Webinars and presenting (slides, online and real life)
g. Video: Funnel Hacking a Successful Funnel
h. Offer: What next?

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