Five ways to know who your perfect customer is



It’s critical when selling, to know who your perfect customer is. Who you should be selling to, and how to find them – and then how to make it clear that they should buy from you (and why).

Being able to find a customer, convert a customer and keep a customer is the foundation of your business success.

The worst answer you can give to “Who do you sell to?” is “Anyone”.

Instead, you need to know who you are selling to, everything about them, understanding why they would want to exchange their money for your product or service.

The clearer you are in this process, the more successful you will be.

So here are 5 ways to help identify your perfect customer. When I refer to your product, consider it to mean product or service.

1. See things from your customer’s point of view.
What does your product actually do for your perfect customer?
What problem do you solve for them?
What needs of your perfect customer does your product satisfy?

How will your product improve your perfect customer’s life or work?

2. Define your perfect customer for what you sell.
This should not just be a name (although give them a name, it keeps it real)
How old are they?
Do they have a family?
Do they work in an office or at home?
Do they work remotely?
How educated are they?
Do they have a particular occupation of business?
What is their income?
How are they paid?
What causes them stress?
What social media do they use as a person? And when?
What do they really want from life? Holidays, peace, chaos?

Know everything about them!

3. What benefits is your perfect customer looking for?
From all the benefits your product brings (not features!), what is most important to your perfect customer?

What needs (not wants) does your product solve or satisfy?

Remember the old adage of “I want a hole in the wall”, so “I need a drill”. In fact, I want a shelf. In fact, I want brownie points, because what I really want is to be able to watch the football. So I want to watch football, so I need a drill. I don’t ever want to buy a drill!

And critical – why would your perfect customer buy from you, and not one of your competitors. How will you stand out?  What extra value will you give?

4. Where is your perfect customer?
Understand where they will be, physically. Are they local, national or abroad?

Where to they live, and where do they work?

Where will they be when they are considering whether to buy your product?

When are they likely to be buying your product?

What has to happen in the life or work or your perfect customer for them to consider buying your product? This is a great question to consider!

Is your product seasonal? Are they key times in the month/season/year when your product is going to be more in demand? Tax returns anyone?!

Where are they when they are online? Email? Social media? Which one?

Remember – they are a person, not a job title.

5. What is your perfect customer’s buying strategy?
How will they buy your product? Can you make it easier?

How have they bought similar products before?

How do they make their decision to buy a product like yours – and then your product from others?

You simply must know everything about your perfect customer.
How you are able to know your perfect customer, will determine how successful you are in business.

So think about how you could find out more about your perfect customer, and then focus your attention on finding them, converting them and keeping them.

Whether you’re selling cold drinks on a hot day, an online course, a membership site to help others learn, or a custom range of bedroom furniture.

Define your unique selling proposition (USP) and how to communicate this, how to brand it and how to promote it.

How are you going to find your perfect customer – and then how are you going to get in front of their eyes?

What will you then tell them? How will you convince them that your product is something they need?

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