Extension Plugin Features


System Settings

Customize Email alerts

Login/Redirect, add restrict access to WordPress dashboard

System Messages


Allow users to choose activity recipient(s)

Let users create activity share lists (requires above to be activated)

Add images to activity posts

Automatically show Soundcloud on activity

Automatically show YouTube videos when URL included

Automatically show website link previews

Allow users to like/dislike activity posts and replies

Let members keep track of favorite activity posts


Add custom profile extensions

Allow members to personalize profile security

Display a directory of members

Set default friends when a user joins

Reward users with points for actions taken

Allow users to add image galleries

Convert user @tags (user logins) in activity/forums. User selector pop-up not compatible with forum WYSIWYG toolbar.

Reviews of users.


Allow image and document attachments

Set custom fields for new forum posts

Set custom fields for forum replies

Add a forum search

Fine tune access and permissions for forums

Let members add a personalized forum signature (via Edit Profile)

Email subscriptions for forum posts and replies

Send forum posts and replies to profile activity

Add a WYSIWYG toolbar to the forum editor

Automatically show YouTube videos when URL included

Allow users to like/dislike forum replies

Allow users to mark a forum reply as an answer


Allow members to create groups for group activity

Set default group membership for new users

Private Messages

Private messages between one or more recipients

Allow mail attachments

Automatically show YouTube videos when URL included

Setup email alerts for new mail and replies

Show unread mail count in the menu (requires a change to the menu item, click on help icon!)

And More!

Display calendars on your site

Show blog posts, activity, mail, forum activity – amazingly powerful!

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