Examples of WP Symposium Pro

Example web sites running WP Symposium Pro

The following are examples of web sites that use WP Symposium Pro. We do not endorse any web site, there are listed here to show how WP Symposium Pro is used to increase site members, and keep them returning to the web site as a social community.

Example sites are included from around the world, from the US to Australia to Germany (to show it can be fully translated).

If you want your web site to be featured on this page, contact us via support.

Petful  https://www.petful.com/

When Petful.com underwent a rebranding and redesign in 2015, they wanted to be sure to build not just another pet-care information website, but a thriving social community as well. They chose WP Symposium because of its simple, visually pleasing functionality and design. Petful makes full use of WP Symposium’s built-in points system, giving members the opportunity to earn “Paw Points” through various on-site actions for a small donation to the animal charity of their choice.





Roger A. Deakins  https://www.rogerdeakins.com

You may ask Roger questions in the forum area, read his current “musing”, look at lighting plans. This website is an ongoing project and will include other features as we go along.





Simon Goodchild


Do you wish you had access to information that has been proven to increase sales?

Do you want to know why the headline above has been written in that way? It taps into your desires, you awareness of what I can do for you, and how many others make similar claims. This is based on evidence gained over 100 years that simply works. Read on if you want to know why.


Home Acoustics Alliance


The HAA is all about “Great Sound Through Science”. If you are looking for a community that is focused on high performance audio in the home environment, you’ve found it.

Working Together, we will Truly ALL be Stronger!!


SWISH Education


SWISH Education run imaginative, engaging and fun school holiday workshops for primary school aged children.


Lea Hamann


Seit einigen Jahrzehnten ereignet sich im Verborgenen ein Erwachen auf unserer Erde. Viele Menschen sehnen sich nach mehr Lebensfreude, nach tiefer Verbundenheit zu sich selbst und danach, ihre Bestimmung zu leben.

Susan Piver


Susan is a NY Times best-selling author, Buddhist teacher, keynote speaker, and founder of the Open Heart Project, the largest virtual mindfulness community in the world.



8Choices is a personal and business consulting firm created and founded by Kelly Gitter. Our work is powered by the belief that reality exists because of us, not in spite of us. Simply put, we create our own reality.




Montana Gun Trader


Here Montanans can quickly & easily buy, sell and trade new and used guns only among site members, just with friends, or publicly all for free! All at this made in Montana firearms-friendly social network just for guns!


We also have other web sites that have successful communities powered by WP Symposium Pro which you can request, but due to the nature of their content we have chosen not to share them here.