Profile page template including profile extensions, etc., as used on www.wpsymposiumpro.com.

You will need to modify to match your own site, maybe removing items, or changing slugs.

This is an example only.

You can also read a much more in-depth look at the Profile Page, including a step-by-step guide on creating your own.

Remember, if copying and pasting from this website, you should paste into your WordPress editor in “Text” mode, to ensure that formatting is not changed. Check after pasting!


This is what it typically looks like (click the image to “zoom in”). On mobile devices, the content down the side will drop to the bottom.2016-05-21_12-30-11


This profile page, in particular the CSS, is designed to work with the TwentySixteen theme as supplied with WordPress. In the Custom CSS, for example, sidebars are hidden across the whole site, with a “dummy” sidebar then added in the page content above.

If using with another theme, you will need to consider, in particular, the custom CSS.

Page content

Edit your Profile page and put the following in. Make sure your editor is “Text” and not “Visual”. If you switch between Text and Visual, you may find it gets messed up, particular the apostrophes.


<div id="sg_profile_activity_div">

[wps-extended slug="profile-header"]
<div id="sg_social_media_icons">

<div class="sg_social_media_icon">[wps-extended styles="0" slug="twitter"]</div>
<div class="sg_social_media_icon sg_margin">[wps-extended styles="0" slug="youtube"]</div>
<div class="sg_social_media_icon sg_margin">[wps-extended styles="0" slug="facebook"]</div>

[wps-extended slug="gender" before="<strong>Gender:</strong> " ] [wps-extended slug="wp-symposium-website" before="<strong>Website:</strong> "] [wps-extended slug="information" before="<strong>More Information:</strong> "] [wps-activity-post] [wps-activity] [wps-user-exists-content]<em>You can choose whether to receive email notifications of new activity posts/replies on your <a style="font-style: inherit; color: #0093d0;" href="https://wpsymposiumpro.com/edit-profile/">edit profile</a> page.</em>[/wps-user-exists-content]


<div id="sg_profile_activity_sidebar_div">

[wps-usermeta meta="wpspro_map" size="100%,252" style="dynamic" zoom="6"]
<div style="margin-bottom: 20px;">Last logged in [wps-last-logged-in], and last active [wps-last-active].</div>
[wps-friends-add-button class="wps_button_2" before="
<h4 style="margin-top: -20px;">Make Friends</h4>
"][wps-mail-to-user class="wps_button_2" label="Send a Message" before="
<h4 style="margin-top: 5px;">Private Message</h4>
"][wps-friends-pending before="
<h4 style="margin-top: -20px;">Friendship Requests</h4>
<h4 style="margin-top: 20px;">Friends</h4>
[wps-friends remove_all_friends="0" count="5"]
<div style="clear: both;"><a href="/friends?user_id=[wps-usermeta meta='ID']">View all friends...</a></div>