CleanTalk Is A Spam protection Software

CleanTalk is a spam protection service for websites.

CleanTalk is a spam protection plugin which filters through your comment, contact form, login account registration, carts and overall website to check for any kind of spam that arrives. The plugin is highly effective in fighting with sploggers.

Sploggers are those fake bot accounts which get themselves registered into your blog forum or multiple author sites. They may fill malicious codes or find vulnerabilities through your system hence we want to keep them away.

Many of the e-commerce stores that run on Woocommerce may often see an automated spam purchase which isn’t profitable for them. CleanTalk works on shopping carts too so that you can make sure you never see fake purchase again.

You happen to have a forum you should be using Cleantalk to protect your WordPress blog effectively.

Below are a few highlighted reasons which show you why CleanTalk is better than any other spam protection plugin I know of!

1. It filters every element, not just the comments. You may feel Akismet is a better option but as discussed earlier, Akismet only protects your blog from comment spam abuse.

On the other hand, CleanTalk covers the whole site filtering every spambot. For enhanced protection and better speed, you should enable the spam firewall which blocks the bots before they access your website. I use this firewall on my blog too.

2. It’s cheap. At $8/year, it’s very hard to resist yourself from buying the license. You also get a free trial without giving your credit card details so make sure you use it.


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