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Simply download the Core Plugin. It will always be free, and includes user profiles, activity (wall), friends, unlimited forums, and email alert notifications.

Extensions Plugin


  • Activity Who to?: Select friends to share an activity post with
  • User Lists: Let users create their own lists of friends for activity posts
  • Attachments: Let users add images to their activity posts
  • Likes/Dislikes: Members can like and dislike (optionally) activity posts and comments
  • SoundCloud: Automatically show SoundCloud tracks
  • YouTube: Automatically show YouTube videos
  • Forum To Activity: Reports forum posts/replies on profile activity
  • Favorites: Let members keep track of favorite activity posts
  • Forum Search: Provides a search for your WPS Forums
  • Forum Attachments: Add an attachment to forum posts and replies
  • Forum Signatures: Text/image shown after a user’s forum activity
  • Forum Subscriptions: Email notifications for new posts/comments
  • Forum Roles Security: Control who can view/edit/etc by WordPress roles
  • Forum (YouTube): Automatically show YouTube videos
  • Forum To Activity: Reports forum posts/replies on profile activity
  • Forum Toolbar: Add toolbar icons for formatting
  • Forum Post Extensions: Add custom fields to forum posts


  • Groups: Add groups to WP Symposium!
  • Default Groups: Add new users to groups by default


  • Messages: Private messaging between two or more members
  • Mail Attachments: Add attachments to private mail
  • Mail Subscriptions: Email notification for new messages
  • Mail YouTube: Automatically display YouTube videos
  • Menu Alerts: Show the number of unread mail messages


  • Extended User Information: Add additional custom profile fields
  • Profile Security: Let user’s fine-tune their privacy settings
  • Gallery: Let users upload photos and images
  • Rewards: Reward users with points and badges for participating
  • Default Friends: Add members as friends to new users
  • Member Directory: Browse the site members


  • Customise Email Alerts: Add style to your email alerts
  • Login / Redirect: Protect admin dashboard and embed login/registration forms
  • Show Posts: Show just about any user content on your social network!
  • Calendars: Display calendars on your site, access based on WordPress roles


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