WPS PRO Terms of Service

Dear WPS PRO Members, At WPS PRO, we’re committed to helping you discover the content you love. In an effort to continually improve your privacy rights, we’ve made some changes to our Privacy Policy which go into effect October 1, 2019 and apply to all WPS PRO Members. Please note that by continuing to use our services, you acknowledge and agree to the updated Privacy Policy. If you need help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our User Support team.

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Update 2019.10

Released update 2019.10 today Oct 1. Fixed minor release for WP 5.2.3 There was also a few minor fixes  in the core completed today as well. This is a bug fix release. Happy Halloween

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This is only for everyone that purchased the extensions before March 2018. You need to go to PayPal and stop the auto payment for us Pryor to 3/2019 REason being is that the old PayPal account we had is now closed and we are only using the new account.   If you have any issues please use the contact form on our site and select accounting for any questions you may have on this matter.   Thank you Robert

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4th Of July Sale

Receive 50% Off The Retail Price  Of WP Symposium Pro Extensions The First 100 to Use Coupon save50704 Will Get %50 off What Does WPS PRO Do For YOU? With this social Network plugin for WordPress, WP Symposium Pro Ultimate (Forever) will give user profiles, unlimited forums, groups, private messaging, images, YouTube videos, galleries, Facebook connect – and the little things like login and registration pages, protect your admin dashboard – the list is endless! All WP Symposium Pro extensions, and updates for life! Get Your Own Supercharged Social Community… With The #1 WordPress Social Network Plugin! Check Out This Crazy List Of Features! [...]

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Target Content PRO

Customise, Change And Target Content For Your Visitors And Users Target Content For Each And Every Visitor Or User On Your WordPress Website It’s just a much nicer experience for your visitors and users, who get relevant, targeted, changing content shown to them. Get Your Copy Today How You Can Target Content To Benefit Personalise every visitor’s experience to your website. Offer incentives based on site visits. Track visits, consecutive visits and more! Recognise where they came from (welcome from Google!). Give users incentives to return to your site to get rewards. Show content if they are from Adverts and Referrals. Give visitors [...]

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Extensions Plugin

The Extensions Plugin, available from the WP Symposium Pro website, adds a large number of additional features for your social network. Features System Customize Email alerts Login/Redirect, and restrict access to WordPress dashboard System Messages Activity Allow users to choose activity recipient(s) Let users create activity share lists (requires above to be activated) Add images to activity posts Automatically show Soundcloud on activity Automatically show YouTube videos when URL included Automatically show website link previews Allow users to like/dislike activity posts and replies Let members keep track of favorite activity posts Allow sharing of activity posts to Facebook Members Add custom profile extensions [...]

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Core Plugin / Setup

Core Plugin The core WP Symposium Pro plugin, available on the WordPress repository, has the basic features of a social network. When added to a WordPress website it creates a social network for your website. Profile Activity Friends Avatar (profile photo) Forums Alerts (inform your users via email) Setup A number of the features of WP Symposium Pro have global settings which are applied via WPS Pro->Setup (via the admin dashboard). These are often very important, and after activating a feature you should check on this page for any settings that are required. Also on the Setup page you can use Quick Start [...]

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Downloading and Installing

Downloading and Installing the core plugin First thing to mention is that the core plugin is free, and always will be! The easiest way to add the core plugin (that includes profiles, activity, unlimited forums and friendships) is to go to Plugins->Add New on your WordPress admin dashboard, search for “WP Symposium Pro” and click on install. You can download a ZIP file if you want from wordpress.org. Come back here to find loads of support information, including video tutorials that cover installation, well worth watching…! Downloading and Installing the Extensions plugin The Extensions plugin is available from the “shop“ on the WP Symposium Pro website! To install [...]

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Release version 2019.06

In Brief… Release to Fix miss sizing of some avatars when viewing in the Profile page Quick release to mark as compatible with WordPress 5.2.1. Remember, if you use a CDN (like CloudFlare), caching, etc – purge/clear everything after updating. Here’s what is in this release: Core Updated “tested to” WordPress 502 Fix miss sizing of some avatars when viewing in Profile page Extensions Updated “tested to” WordPress 502 Don’t Forget… Check out the WPS Pro Codex for information and documentation on WP Symposium Pro.

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