Become A Top Profitable Affiliate Marketer

Become A Top Profitable Affiliate Marketer

With all the tools in and proof that people are making a passive income as an affiliate, it’s about time we looked at how those affiliates are successfully marketing as an affiliate!

1. Be a business

Think profitable! By setting yourself out to make money, you will make money. It all comes from having the right mindset.

So begin with how you see yourself. Here are some examples.

Be a marketing strategist

Learn the product inside out and see exactly how others will benefit from using Working with copywriter, course creators, coaches (and so on) you can become the “go-to person” to help them succeed online.

Be a marketing agency

Offer an end-to-end solution for customer’s funnels. Starting with traffic generation, through the online funnel and beyond. You can become the one-stop shop solution to people looking to grow their online business.

Be a business coach

Work with everyone from construction agents to gyms, from online shops to course creators. Create a niche and focus, focus, focus! The more you focus, the easier it becomes to market yourself. You are their answer! And then provide templates that you can use for them – or give to them – to kick start their success.

Be a course creator

With so much “BS” out there, and with it being so easy to create courses on, position yourself as the expert with high value, relevant content. Offer a taster (for free, as a lead magnet) that makes them think “that’s what I want”, so they signup for your full course.

Be an affiliate master

As you grow as an affiliate success story you can help other affiliates. With proof that you can make money, others will pay for your help and expertise.

And if in doubt, start with…
Being an affiliate marketer

Use as your baby and start with your first sign-up using all the tools available to you such as discount codes, referral links and embedded codes (explained below).

Every one you sign up will make your life more profitable as your learn and get more sign-ups. Very soon you will have a passive income you dream about!

2. Be an expert in the product you sell

Whether it’s or the latest teeth whitening product, you need to know what you are promoting.

Contact the owner (I will gladly chat you to you about and go through anything you want to know more about, for example) and learn the product like it’s your own.

Be a loyal and positive advocate for the product. Promote it and sell it like it’s your own! If you are getting a good referral payment (50% of every monthly payment on, you are in effect part owner of the business. Always position it in the best light.

Be best friends with the product owner. As a powerful ally, you will be able to work with them on improving the product further.

Read up about everything the product provides. For example, if you’re not reading this in the book “Sales Funnel Secrets”, download a free copy now!

3. Be focussed, focussed, focussed!

Selling the product “to the world” is the worst tactic. Find a niche, find their problem and offer them a solution.

That is all people want. Someone to help them solve their main problem.

If you can be that person, understanding them and their business, talking their language, you make their decision to work with you an easy one.

When I work with people I want to know that they understand “me”, they understand “my business”, they understand “my problem”. I don’t want a generic marketer – I want someone who just “gets me”.

So this is how you must position yourself. If in doubt focus. And then focus some more.

4. Be the one who offers more

Promoting a product, as just that product, makes you nothing special. So give more to make your offer unique and packed jam full of added value.

For example, if you are promoting, you could create a pack of complimentary offers (a value stack) of:

  • $10 off their first month with an special code
  • Templates and swipe files for their landing pages
  • Scripts for emails, adverts, copy and so on
  • Image packs personally selected from royalty free sources (or your own – are you a photographer?)
  • Masterclass and courses exclusively offered to them
  • Coaching and consulting session perhaps one on one, or group work
  • And so on.

5. Be selling in different ways

In real life we buy individually, in groups, from friends and family, colleagues and so on.

So offer the same options, or perhaps those most relevant. How do you decide to buy something? Perhaps like this…

  • One to one – you try, you like, you spread the word
  • In a small group – you ask for opinions of those you know and trust
  • In a large group – you ask on social media, on forums, via email
  • And beyond – you read newspapers, books, blog articles, and so on.

So be the person on the other end! Be available one on one. Your funnel pages should also speak to someone personally remember. They might be available to the world, but one person reads it.

Find small groups of your target audience and offer a promotion, including your value stack (from above) and make it easy for them to recommend you to each other.

Search out larger communities of your target audience, from Facebook Groups to Linked posts with high engagement. Grow an email list!

Reach out to influencers and make them an offer (influencer marketing). Get them to mention you (or even better promote you!) and you can ride on their coat tails. This might be on social media, in a book, on a radio broadcast – wherever!

You can hopefully see that by expanding your network, you can grow your audience exponentially.

But, to repeat myself, this is only possible (and much easier) if you focus (focus, focus).

6. Be in control

What you must be, is in control of your own traffic. You need visitors, to get those conversion rate statistics, so you can keep improving your own funnel.

Whilst they methods will change as your will be focussed on your niche, in general the following still all apply.

Facebook Ads

Be sure to do the maths. But get it right and you can create a scaleable model for success. You want to make sure the advert says exactly what the offer is, and what they will see if they click on it. It must flow, as a natural extension of your landing page. Make sure the advert goes to a link that Facebook allows (not to an affiliate link) – send them to your landing page and from their your are totally in control of what you are offering.


The second most used search engine! And horribly overlooked. Use the power and reach of YouTube to send traffic your way.


Although content marketing is a longer game, it can be fruitful and sustainable. By using the long tail strategy (see the SEO chapter in Sales Funnel Secrets) you can pick up lots of traffic from search engine results.

Social media

Where does your audience hangout? Facebook? Pinterest? Instagram? Be there, post high engagement content, build an audience and send a steady stream of traffic to your funnel.

Local businesses

Are you selling locally? Can you tap into business networks? Social events?

It is very easy to establish credibility in a local area where competition is less. With a few good testimonials word of mouth will spread naturally. Don’t overlook local business to a nice stream of revenue.

Public speaking

Probably no better way to become an expert than having a track record of public speaking. And think about it, ‘say’ 200 people in a room, every one of them listening to what you are saying. And if it’s good? They tell other, and the power of social media will do it’s magic.

7. Be action orientated

You have two choices. Do something or do nothing. Do nothing and, well, nothing will change. Do something and you can guarantee change. Because you are doing something.

To become an affiliate of is easy. You don’t even need to be a paying member!

Signup and when logged in, pick “T4S Affiliate Scheme” from the menu. You have several ways to start making money as an affiliate.

Remember, when someone signs up and starts paying for (within 4 weeks) you can earn 50% of what they pay – every month!

You can get people to sign up in a variety of ways (they are tracked whichever way you choose):

  1. By giving them a coupon code – which ALSO gives them 10% off their first month.
  2. By sending them a personal hyperlink.
  3. Via a clickable image (badge) shown bottom-right on your funnel pages.
  4. Just by visiting your funnel pages (great if you are making signup funnels).
  5. Or combine any of the above!

Method 1: $10 discount coupon code

You get a personalised coupon code, associated with you. Anyone who uses it when they sign up as a paying member will get a $10 discount for the first month. Applies if they signup as a new member, or upgrading a trial account.

You will also receive 50% of all payments they make to T4S – every month!

This method takes priority over the other methods shown below.

Method 2: Share a hyperlink

Simply share your personal link. When people use it, and join T4S and start paying, you make money.

It will look something like this…

Method 3: Display a clickable sign-up badge

A small image saying “Built with T4S” displayed in the bottom corner of your funnel pages. If anyone clicks on it and then signs up as a paying member, you get 50% of their monthly payments.

Switch it on by editing your T4S funnel details (funnel manager, Edit Funnel, then go to advanced settings) and choose to display the sign-up badge in the bottom right of your funnel pages. When people click on this image, they are linked to you as the referring affiliate.

Method 4: Automatically associate your account with funnel page visitors

This remembers anyone who visits a page on your funnel, and then signs up as a paying customer. You then get 50% of what they pay monthly.

As with method 3, edit your funnel details (go to advanced settings) and choose to embed your affiliate code. It’s not seen, and you just share your funnel pages.

8. Be a hero!

Now go and do it! The quicker you start, the quicker you’ll start learning, the quicker you will be on your road to a passive income as an affiliate marketer.

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