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Calls Aren’t as Private as You May Think they are on Zoom . Here’s What You Should Know.

  © Provided by Consumer Reports At Laura Purcell's lake community in Rockaway, N.J., a group of 25 moms craved some connection at the end of a long week of coronavirus restrictions. So the mother of 8-year-old triplets arranged a virtual happy hour using Zoom, the teleconferencing service. The conversation ranged from which wines people were drinking and which stores were still stocking toilet paper to serious talk about how schools and hospitals were managing the crisis. "It was amazing" Purcell reports. "There were lots of offers to help each other, offering to shop for each other." What Purcell and her [...]

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Horowitz: WHEN did coronavirus begin in the US? And why it matters

Maria Symchych-Navrotska | Getty Images The entire political focus of yesterday’s news cycle was the legislative imbroglio between Republicans and Democrats over the coronavirus rescue package. Republicans believe we should presuppose and even continue encouraging an indefinite shutdown while spending trillions to treat it. Democrats believe the same thing and also want to add all their other extraneous progressive policies too. But nobody is asking: Do we really need to intensify the shutdown before we understand the data and projections of the actual virus itself? Given that the virus was discovered in Wuhan on November 17 (at the latest), when [...]

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Tips to Get a Stronger Wi-Fi Signal From Your Router

Tips to Get a Stronger Wi-Fi Signal From Your Router When Netflix freezes or your work email won’t reload, where do you put the blame? On the Wi-Fi, of course. Yes, technically it’s working, but is it really working? There are few things more frustrating than an inexplicably weak signal, but we’ve put together a few pointers that can help you get the strongest possible Wi-Fi signal and the speed you need from your router, whether you’re working from home or relaxing with your family. 1. Place Your Router Centrally This might seem like an obvious tip, but it’s one you shouldn’t [...]

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How often should you change your password?

There are key times when you should change a password. They include:  After a service discloses a security incident. There is evidence of unauthorized access to your account. There is evidence of malware or other compromises of your device. You shared access to an account with someone else and they no longer use the login. You logged in to the account on a shared or public computer (such as at a library or hotel). It’s been a year or more since you last changed the password, especially if you don’t have multi-factor authentication enabled. In all these cases, updating your password is a smart precautionary step. [...]

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Time to Update

Its Time to Update Your Information We ask once a year that members please update the information, email address, address, and other information. This information is totally Private here and you control who can see it. This is for your security!  

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Extensions Plugin

The Extensions Plugin, available from the WP Symposium Pro website, adds a large number of additional features for your social network. Features System Customize Email alerts Login/Redirect, and restrict access to WordPress dashboard System Messages Activity Allow users to choose activity recipient(s) Let users create activity share lists (requires above to be activated) Add images to activity posts Automatically show Soundcloud on activity Automatically show YouTube videos when URL included Automatically show website link previews Allow users to like/dislike activity posts and replies Let members keep track of favorite activity posts Allow sharing of activity posts to Facebook Members Add custom profile extensions [...]

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Core Plugin / Setup

Core Plugin The core WP Symposium Pro plugin, available on the WordPress repository, has the basic features of a social network. When added to a WordPress website it creates a social network for your website. Profile Activity Friends Avatar (profile photo) Forums Alerts (inform your users via email) Setup A number of the features of WP Symposium Pro have global settings which are applied via WPS Pro->Setup (via the admin dashboard). These are often very important, and after activating a feature you should check on this page for any settings that are required. Also on the Setup page you can use Quick Start [...]

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Downloading and Installing

Downloading and Installing the core plugin First thing to mention is that the core plugin is free, and always will be! The easiest way to add the core plugin (that includes profiles, activity, unlimited forums and friendships) is to go to Plugins->Add New on your WordPress admin dashboard, search for “WP Symposium Pro” and click on install. You can download a ZIP file if you want from Come back here to find loads of support information, including video tutorials that cover installation, well worth watching…! Downloading and Installing the Extensions plugin The Extensions plugin is available from the “shop“ on the WP Symposium Pro website! To install [...]

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Time to update

It is really time to start thinking about getting your host to provide the latest version of PHP. To run WordPress we recommend your host supports: PHP version 7.3 or greater. MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.1 or greater. HTTPS support That’s really it. We recommend Apache or Nginx as the most robust and featureful server for running WordPress, but any server that supports PHP and MySQL will do. The above is from […]

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